Tuesday, April 17, 2007

tomorrow early am, we are heading back down to the san diego area for rin's brother's graduation from marine boot camp. he will be accepting his globe, anchor and eagle on friday. rin's parents have made the long flight from bagdogra, india. her grandfather and wife have come from the east coast and many more relatives already live in california. a big gathering of family is going to watch as he goes from boot to marine. we are all proud of him and can't wait to see where this journey will lead him.

my friend, jason hunt, has lent me his HOLGA for the trip to san diego and disneyland. hopefully, i will be able to get some good shots. i am hoping to get some ocean / beach / surfing(er) shots as well. it's been a while since i've used a film camera, but that is some of the excitement of it...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

joey, with his coat of many colors, taken on easter during the egg hunt. my dad is holding his perch. he loves to gnaw on his spoon while taking in the scene.
i hate being sick. it sucks. yesterday morning, i woke up to a really bad stomach ache and wound up puking right after my shower. my body ached all over and i could barely move. because of this, i was on the couch all day and night. i would drift in and out of sleep for the majority of the day. when i was conscious, i had spongebob squarepants on, keeping me company. that annoying laugh of his put a smile on my face.

when rin got home from her dentist appointment, she took my temperature and i was at 102°f. she brought home dinner from panda express. i could barely eat any of my firecracker chicken and steamed rice. i hadn't eaten anything all day, and i still couldn't eat.

before we went to bed last night, my fever had risen to 103°f and my body was hot to the touch. i was shivering and yet sweating. i woke up this morning with a fever still and had to call in sick. hopefully, i will get better so i can go to work tomorrow...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

rin finally arrived home last night from her fly to florida and drive back. originally, it was going to take them five days to drive, but it wound up being four. tis great to have her back. she got to sleep in this morning. she's been getting up around 3 to 3:30 am and today she got up at 8:30 instead.

on the way home, she got to go to mt. rushmore and enjoy the sights. drove through nashville and saw the arch in st. louis. walked in the atlantic ocean at miami beach and had snowstorms in montana. around 70 miles outside of missoula, they brokedown. they were able to get it up and running again, found a dealership and the tech said that it might be a transfer case, but there shouldn't be any problem getting home.

when i went to pick her up, the kids were excited and ran to hug her. when we got home, rin gave the kids what she had got them on her trip. after a while, we put the kids to bed and rin showed me photos on the digital (i may put those on my flickr site. we'll have to wait and see.). we watched 24 and then she called her parents in india. we will be seeing them in about 2 weeks as we all head to san diego for jeff's graduation from marine boot. an in-n-out sits right outside the gates from the base, so jeff wants to eat there right after his graduation ceremony. i told rin that i will happily join him.

it is great to have her back home again. at least she has a little time to recover before we leave again. . .

high score: 152,275

no pooping