Tuesday, February 27, 2007

ah, it's on it's way out. hopefully soon. winter's icy grip is soon melting away to warmer temperatures. this season of cold weather seemed too long for me. i was able to to go ridin' with the youth group this year [see above image], but i am gladly turning that in for time on the water. shorts and flip flops are my kind of clothing. time to hang up the cold weather gear.

c'mon spring, get here soon so you can usher in summer. . .

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

last night was our tuesday to go and serve at the union gospel mission with the youth group. when we walked through the back door and made our way between the cookers and sinks, i saw a face that i recognized from a previous time. last month when we served food, this family was there, helping by serving desserts. it was a father and his two children, a son and daughter. the son, who i soon learned later on, was 11 and i don't know the age of his sister.

as i washed my hands, i learned that the son was serving bread on the hot line. the cook that was in charge for the evening asked who else wanted to be on hot line. no one spoke up, so i volunteered. tay wanted to help on the line too, so i had him place bowls on trays to be filled with beef stew. the kid placed bread on the trays and then it was handed off to the homeless.

we got a good system going and then out of no where, the kid pipes up and asks me:

"what's your favorite food?"

i laughed at first because that's the typical question a kid has. "what's your favorite...." and then fill in your subject. i asked him what his was and he said chinese food. i told him that mine was italian. then he asked me what my favorite tv show is. that question is easy. 24.

"what's your favorite book?"

"my favorite book? hmmmmm....i'm really digging the lotus and the cross. it's an easy read, but what it deals with is sweet. what's yours?"

he then proceeds to tell me that he really likes the ring books. "i'm reading them again, because the first time i read them, i was little and i didn't understand them. but i really like the silmarillion but what is aggravating is that when i get use to a character, they die. i also like eragon, but the book is better than the movie (of course. books always are). if you want to read something powerful, read number the stars. it's about the nazi's and a jewish family that protects another jewish family."

but after that little conversation, he starts quoting napoleon dynamite after tay and i start working each other over with dialogue from the same movie. it was cool to see a kid that i hardly know, engage in discussion of favorites with someone that he hardly knows, only to take it back to quoting movie lines and just being a kid.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

our coffeeshop has had a facelift. i've been asked to do some shots for some of the interior decor. here is one of the images i came up with. what do you think?
spokane river

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

why is it that when people get older, the bigger their cars get and the slower they drive? i was driving out of cd'a into pf and i got into the passing lane. before i knew it, there was a cadillac playing pac-man on the interstate. the person to my right had to slam on their brakes as i did and the lady driving the landshark was completely clueless.

now i know that not every older person does this. there are a lot of people out there that drive the speed limit, can run bloomsday, etc. etc. and they are 80+ years in age. but then you have the cautious driver that barely gets the speedometer up to 45 mph when the speed limit is 70 mph. scary...

Saturday, February 10, 2007


just to let you know i've added ten more shots from my trip to india to my flickr account. i've been promising some of ya that i was going to add more so here you go.

as i sat here working on them, i was taken back to that country. the sights, the smells, the people. it is definately a different world over there. i recently watched a webcast from mission to calcutta and laughed to myself as the man that was talking was constantly being interrupted by taxi cab horns and rickshaws. i myself have witnessed that. it is an experience that one can not describe, but can explain, for there are many emotions that hit you. some all at once and others, one, two or sometimes three at a time.

i hope my photography can tell stories without saying any words. again, i know my shots aren't the greatest, but i hope you can enjoy the sights of india. . .

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

i opened up my darkroom and came across some shots that i took while in seattle last year. here is one of them.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

a few days ago, rin bought a new teaching tool for geography for when the kids get older. it's a world map puzzle. she bought it online and it arrived yesterday. we started looking at it and it looked like a pretty cool idea.

we decided to begin the puzzle to see how long it would take to do and before long, an hour had passed. we kept going. we normally eat dinner at around 5ish, but i looked at the clock again and it was already 6:30, so we put the puzzle on hold and got dinner prepared (pepperjack bacon burgers and steamed veggies), ate dinner, cleaned the kitchen and read stories to the kids, put them to bed and started back up. we finally got it finished around 10 o'clock. it was a tough puzzle, even though it twas only 600 pieces. the oceans had specific information about different countries written on them. we had to keep looking on the back of the box to match up the pieces in relation to where they go. some places i haven't even heard of like:

the marshal islands

yesh, i know that i probably studied these places whilst in school, but it was good to get a refresher. it was also a good thing to have to show the kids where india and cuba are in relation to america. i told rin last night that it won't be so easy to put it together just to see where a country is. maybe we should have just gotten a globe...

high score: 152,275

no pooping