Friday, September 26, 2008

safeco field

santana [54] v ichiro [51]
[two hdr's]
long highways. greasy fast food. dirty bathrooms. throw in a major league baseball game and some wild animals at the local zoo and you have the joys of a road trip. when the natives got restless, toss some food in the back and keep driving.

paul wright, matisyahu, dashboard confessional and a collaboration of artists spun on the ipods. sirius radio was on the back burner.

seattle was the destination. angels v mariners. a game that lasted 2 hours, 20 minutes and attracted 19,000+. the cold windy air coming off of the puget sound whipped around our chilled skeletons. the tadpole and i rooted for the angels whereas the freckles, the sprite and the monkey went for the mariners. the turtle slept the majority of the time. at the seventh inning stretch, we unfolded ourselves from those comfortable green chairs and smoothed out the knots in our backs.

final score: 2-1. angels.

head back to the parking garage and the vehicle's temperature gauge proclaimed 57°f. blast the heater and head into traffic. the brakelight brigade commenced.

the zoo, claimjumper, trader joe's and other places filled out plate. our schedule was our own. come and go as we chose. ah, vacation...


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high score: 152,275

no pooping