Wednesday, August 16, 2006

last night was our third trip into the union gospel mission. we had a group of 14 that went from the youth group. we got there a bit early, so we gathered on the lawn by the bridge and just relaxed and talked.

when it was time to begin, we got washed up and got to our posts. i stayed inside the kitchen with ewok and quaale whilst rin went into the dining area with the rest of 'em and served there. bread, turkey, potatoes, gravy and cauliflower were on the menu; with salads, deserts and drinks available as well.

it always makes me chuckle when the homeless come in and tell us that they are watching what they eat, or they are on a diet, or however they want to put it. they can't have this or that. no starches or sugars. just protein.

so, we served the first wave of people. we gave them a hot plate of food and a warm smile. "hello, how are you?" "how's your day goin'?" "everything going ok?" the majority of people smiled back at us and thanked us for the food. the second group of people came in and seemed like the line kept going and going and going. but, it did come to an end and we started cleaning up. it was time to serve up the group that came, so i left my gloves and apron on and put more food together.

as they went to sit down, i walked over with rin to the table and a man was sitting there. i struck up a conversation with him and found out that he came over from seattle but feel on hard times. his truck got broken into and half of his tools were taken. his ID was also stolen. $4,ooo was drained out of his bank account. his wife was broke down somewhere (he has no idea where, and she thinks he is out of the area for the next three weeks). i think he just was glad that someone cared enough just to sit and talk/listen to him. he is living at the mission until he can get back on his feet. he excused himself and i found myself helping with the rest of the cleanup in the dining room.


Blogger Elle said...

you must realize how you're changing these people lives. this is awesome.

lucky them & lucky you

2:57 PM  
Blogger granati said...

i don't know if i'm "changing lives" but i am glad to have the opportunity to be able to go and serve.

3:12 PM  

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