Tuesday, August 01, 2006

over this past weekend, we headed over to the seattle area to pack up rin's sister and kids. she is moving to florida. she's meeting her husband there tonight.

we left on saturday, early morning and got to her house around noon. we had to move the majority of her stuff (whatever she didn't throw away or sell in her garage sale) in two 7x7x6 modulars. after that was complete, we got checked into our hotel rooms and just relaxed.

sunday morning, we got up, ate breakfast and headed towards downtown seattle. our first stop was the pike street market. i've been to seattle many times, but only twice with rin and this was the first time for the market. i've seen it from a far off, but never dove into it. we parked (which was a pain) and walked down to the elevator. as we got off at the sixth floor, the foul stench of rotting fish and the pleasant aroma of flowers mixed together like a ying and yang of scents.

the fish throwers stood around, waiting for someone to make an order. only 5 pounds of mussels and 6 king crabs were thrown, so off to the next stop. rin's sister wanted to buy a picture for her new place in florida, so she went looking for that. we visited about 5 different photographers, which all had sweet images, matted and framed. one picture i throughly enjoyed was one of the seattle skyline with lightning close to the space needle. rin's sister told me that i need to get into that type of photography. "yesh, yesh, i know."

she found her picture and we continued on, looking and smelling. watching people and watching out for people. afterwards, we went to a place called gameworks. we spent a few hours there too, playing video games and having a good time. at about 5 o'clock, we went to dinner to beat the rush. old spaghetti factory was our restaurant of choice. then, back to the hotel for swimming and relaxing.

last night, we came back. it was fun, but it is always nice to me home. . .


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