Wednesday, July 19, 2006

last night was our monthly serving at the union gospel mission. we had a total of 13 people go and served a crowded cafeteria. i still can't believe how many people come in, especially with children. i mean, i know of the homeless situation, but to get in and get my hands dirty with serving them, just blows me away. it's funny (not hahah, but hmmm) that in one instance, you are financially secure, and the next you could be on the other side of the counter, having someone serve you up a hot meal.

the meal for last night was beef stew, bread, salad and dessert. apparently there is another shelter that reopened, but they don't serve meals, so the homeless get redirected to the ugm. we were told one scoop of the stew and one piece of bread. the crowded line started snaking it's way towards us. we were the first stop. then salad and dessert next. we started dishing up and kept the line moving. people would ask for a second scoop or another piece of bread, but we had to say "no" which is sad.

after the majority came through, a man came in and we handed him a tray with hot stew. he asked for another scoop and we had to tell him "no" but it wasn't good enough for him. he told us that he has never heard of that before and that he wants a second scoop. luckily, there was a "bouncer" standing by us he was told "no" by the bouncer. the homeless man walks away, not happy. he goes and eats his food. after he was finished, he comes back up and asks for seconds. we told him we can't and the bouncer told him "no" again. finally, the kitchen "manager" starts talking to him. the homeless man gets more irate and starts saying that he is hungry and homeless. that he needs food. it breaks the heart, but i can understand why there aren't seconds.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are an incredibly talented and interesting guy. Will you email me at, I have a feature story in mind.


Kerri Thoreson

11:26 PM  
Anonymous TS said...

"interesting" hmmm I have heard and have had a few words to describe you, but interesting is a new one on me. Anyway, greetings from one of your favorite cites, Singapore.

1:58 AM  
Blogger granati said...

i just told rin that i am getting excited about heading back to singapore. one of the perks of going to india. have fun. see you when you get back.

10:52 AM  

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