Wednesday, June 21, 2006

yesterday, some of the sr. high youth group that i work with went to the union gospel mission to serve. it was awesome to see how the guys and girls dived in and helped with serving the homeless.

normally, there are more of the youth group that go, but about half of them are in greeley, colorado for mission work there with another church. so, there were eight of us that went. some kids couldn't make it, due to work and other activities. but, with eight, we were able to still serve about 2oo people (give or take). i was told that there might be a big crowd...i am used to working food (in my younger years), so it really didn't faze me.

when we first got there, the director we were dealing with told us that after we leave, there were over 8o people that served that day. after the cleaning of hands and putting on the aprons, we were showed what stations to go to. the first to come were the workers and live-ins of the mission. after they ate, the doors were open to the public and in they came.

some were well-dressed and groomed while others were toothless and dirty. such a broad spectrum of people that came through the line. some asked for extra helpings while others were just grateful for a hot meal. some were picky and finicky while others said "pile it on, please."

after the flow came through, i asked, "is that it?" i was getting into it and wanted to serve more plates and give a friendly smile to those that were down and out. just a simple gesture of kindness works wonders. . .


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