Thursday, June 08, 2006

last night, after the youth group bible study was over, we decided to play some ultimate frisbee. so, after teams were picked and ground rules laid down, the first throw was made and the game was underway.

the opposing team gained ground, but we intercepted the disc. a bad toss later and it retired to the other team. back and forth the frisbee went. people grabbing it out of the sky. a low toss here, a high throw there. a throw was to me and i did a flying leap, but the plastic was just inches out of my grasp.

we tied the game at 4-4. since we had last goal, we got to throw to the opposing. after all the running, jump and diving, my throat felt like it was going to explode out of my neck. we held the disc so we could get our breath. so we could recuperate. so our legs wouldn't give out from under us. so our hearts wouldn't cease.

the frisbee went flying again and i watched as the other team brought it back towards us. back in the game. i go scrambling in, blocking and screening.

we have control and i pitch it to a friendly, but it gets dropped. back to the other team and in for another goal. we take the walk of shame and head downfield for the next windup. we get it and take turns with it, three steps and a toss...another three steps and a toss. we make up some ground and then a nice throw into my waiting hands, but i've been screened and it drops silently into the grass. it's picked up and thrown with some amazing yardage. "drop it" i think to my self, willing it to just fall out of the sky, but instead is caught for the final scoring goal. 6-4...our loss.


Blogger Moi said...

am coming here after a long time! hope u had a good time with ur family over the weekend!

2:22 PM  

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