Friday, June 02, 2006

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our journey took us to the coastal town of newport, oregon. mapquest told us that the estimated time was 8 hours and 41 minutes. that doesn't take into consideration feedings and bathroom breaks.

so, armed with sirius radio, cds and mp3, snacks and other "necessary amenities", we left on our excursion. we drove through central washington and into oregon, stopping by "multnomah falls" and passed through the outskirsts of portland. in the back of the vehicle, the natives were restless. to quench the boredom they endured, food was tossed back towards them.

we arrived in lincoln at night, but we could still see the waves beating on the shore, so i put the windows down and was immediately enveloped in the salty sea air that i oh, so love. newport was still a little way out. i put on some jack johnson and continued onward. 12 hours after we started, we were finally settled down in our hotel room. the pillows were calling my name, so i gave in to temptation and fell into them, falling asleep instantly.

we got up, had breakfast and went to the oregon coast aquarium. we had a fun time, pointing things out and showing different sealife to the kids. we went back and forth, from inside to outside, then back again. the 6o% chance of rain gave way to 1oo% showers. so, back inside. afterwards, we drove around, looking at the coast and what it had to offer. amazing views were everywhere. many signs boasting beautiful views. and the signs didn't lie either. after we ate dinner, we went to the main drag of newport. parking near the boardwalk, we could smell the crab and fish. the barking of sealions rang in our ears. walking on the sidewalk, by the fish factory, we saw the sealions resting on the boards below.

when it was time to leave for home, we got to see newport in morning, instead of the evening. the streets were lined with surfshops, baitshops, seafood dives, and specialty stores. the main road that leads to newport reminded me of the mountain road outside of siliguri, india (save the sheer cliff that drops off by the side of road). the lush green atmosphere that surrounded us was gorgeous. rain was abundant, to say the least. but, it was a good trip...


Blogger Moi said...

hey i just finished chking out the pics : newport is breathtakingly beautiful!!!! and so were the fall pics!!! i'd love to see the west coast some time!!! i wish i cud be out of school soon!!!

11:53 PM  

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