Tuesday, June 13, 2006

yesterday, i felt like i was on an episode of seinfeld. let me explain.

i went through the drive-thru of carl's jr. and placed my order. as i drove up, i handed over the cash and waited for the food to be handed back. as i was waiting, the girl asked if i wanted a drink carrier and i said,

"sure, that would be great."

she hands me six cups of liquid refreshment and tells me what ones are what. so i look at them and realize that there is an extra cup of coke. i tell her that i should only have five cups and she gave me an extra one.

"no i didn't," was her reply. "i gave you what you ordered."

"no, i don't need six. i just need five. a diet, a regular, a fanta and two kid drinks. you gave me an extra coke."

so she looks at me and questions me with: "what did i forget?"

"you didn't forget anything...you just gave me an extra coke."

so she starts counting on her fingers and says again:
"what did i forget?"

"nothing...you didn't forget anything. you gave me an extra coke."

so she prints out a receipt and shows it to me. i look it over and tho and behold, only five drinks appear. they are the wrong drinks of course, but she miraculously gets the drinks correct, save the extra coke. i can't believe that i am arguing with a girl at the drive-up window over a coke. she then proceeds to tell me that i can keep it. not to worry about it. o-kaaay. . .


Anonymous Jennifer said...

This is hilarious!

10:56 AM  

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