Friday, April 28, 2006

73°f outside. what a glorious day! it is here. warm weather. i could have year round weather like this. i absolutely love it.

i went home for lunch today and when i was getting into the vehicle, i walked through a spider web, from the side mirror to the top of the truck. so, i'm standing there, waving my arms, trying to get this "invisible" stuff off my face and hair. a spider spun a web in just a couple hours.

so, i get home and watch rin as see finishes up making some rainbow cookies for the girls. i look outside and the girls are playing on the swing set and just enjoying being outside, not couped up in doors. i tell them that it is time for lunch and b asks if we can eat on the patio. "sure, why not."

as we finish eating, rin spots a yellowjacket in the grass. she goes to kill it and it flies away. i then go inside and get my secret weapon. it looks like a tennis racket, but it is electrified. i go after the acursed beast. but then, i see another one. great, getting tag teamed. one lands on our maple tree and i go in for the kill. i zap it and it falls on the iris. i zap it again. it gets up and flies away. the other one is nowhere to be found. cowards. . .


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