Friday, October 28, 2005

today while i was lending tapes/cds from our library, i was talking to a couple that goes to the church about my trips to cuba and india. the guy said that he was watching a nature show and cuba had been shown. he said that he got to thinking of me and my travels there. it's amazing to talk to someone about a foreign country; to try and explain what it is like there. words can only do so much justice.

the beauty of the land and of the people is something else. yeah, i know that it is a third world country, but there are some spectacular places and views on the island country. the people there are so genuine. i have made some great friends there. i know that we will always be friends, even if i can't get back over to see them again. my translator and i are brothers from now until eternity.


Anonymous Kristin said...

Actually, being communist, Cuba is a second world country.

3:42 PM  

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