Wednesday, October 26, 2005

this morning was a very dark and dreary morning. i wake up at 7 (yeah, to some it's late and too others it is too early). the room was dark, very dark. it's drizzling outside. i didn't think it was time to get up. i thought that it was still very early morning, but nope...i checked the clock 3 times and realized that it was in fact 7. i sit at the edge of my bed, wiping the sleep out of my eyes. willing myself to stand up.

i get to my feet and walk over to jr. ah, to be a baby. no worries, no cares....just wanting to be fed and to sleep. he lies there peaceful and happy.

i head on to the bathroom and get into the shower. the hot water hitting my shoulders and soothing away tiredness that consumes the area twix soul and body. the room fills with steam and smells of cleanliness. as i turn the faucet knob to shut of the water, i get a charge as the full on hot turns to icey cold. it hits me right in the small of my back. i finally get the water turned off.

i make my way towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast. the stove is my first stop. i reach towards the range and start turning dials. the circuits complete and the elements begin to warm. in no time, they are hot to the touch. i grab a couple pans and put them on top of the heat. i lay down strips of bacon and crack eggs. soon, the bacon is sizzling and the aroma is wafting through the house. i get a fork and scramble eggs. adding milk and cheese, i use the fork in a fluid motion and mix all three ingredients together. i then begin to pour the mixture into the pan.

b walks into the kitchen. "hi daddy," she says.

"hello. did you sleep well?" i ask as she looks at me with her big brown eyes.

nodding yes, she continues to look at me and gives me a smile.

i continue with the preparation of breakfast. soon, everything is ready. i get up the rest of the family. erin makes some orange juice and sets all the glasses on the table. we sit down and give thanks for family, the day and the food that we are about to eat. we pray for protection and guidance.

afterwards, the table is cleared and the dishes are put in the soapy water. the grease from the bacon drips into a jar that is set aside for exactly that. i go and brush my teeth. then, i put on my socks and shoes. b gives me a kiss and a hug. i call to h to tell her i'm leaving. she comes running to tell her daddy goodbye. though she doesn't talk yet, i know what she is saying. those words are just for me and me alone. i kiss erin on the lips and lightly kiss jr's temple.

"goodbye," i say. i reach for the doorknob and....


the alarm goes off. "huh, what....aaarrrggghhh, it was just a dream!?!?" i get up and do it all over again. . .


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Ah I hate that!

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