Thursday, October 27, 2005

well, it's happened to me now. i've received a jury questionaire. ok, to be honest, i got it on last friday...filled it out and sent it back in on saturday. now, the question is: when will i get jury duty? it could be next week or 3 months from now. i know that everyone "hates" jury duty and they try and get out of it. i've actually never had to serve. when you are supposed to call the night before, it was cancelled because of christmas. maybe that will happen this time, or maybe around thanksgiving.

i'll keep you posted. . .


Blogger stebbijo said...

I love jury duty. I am unemployed now so you would think they might take a look at those lists -- you know what I mean? My unemployment benefits is almost next to not having a job so I would be a good canidate for jury duty. Oh yeah -- I love it! You tell em to get a hold of me in your place!

9:26 AM  

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