Tuesday, September 20, 2005

ah dentists, gotta love 'em. i had my bi-yearly cleaning/check-up appointment yesterday. i've been having some pain on an upper bicuspid.

i told the hygenist about my pain. shooting some air into my mouth, aggrevating that sensitive area, she says "you have a receding gum line around that tooth." then she (i'll call her 'n') looks at some of my other "problem areas". i had a few semi-cavities that she wanted to keep an eye on and check the next time i came in. if they worsen, filling time. but, they were actually getting better. they aren't where she likes to see them at, but i'm making improvements. i didn't even start flossing regularly until last year sometime. she's happy about that.

now n keeps looking and working, working and looking. scrapping off the plaque, flossing in between, rinsing, and so on and so forth. after she's done, she calls in the dentist (whom i will call dr. t). he says "open wide." now he starts looking. "hmmm, mmhmmm, yup."

he sees my "receding gum line". he tells me that there are a few things we can do about it. he starts plugging away. this, that, the other. and now his favorite. a gum graft. a gum graft? um, no thanks, not unless i really have to do it. he leaves me with these choices and tells me to think about what i would like to do. i ask n, "what do you think?"

"let's just watch it. it should heal on it's own."

i like that answer. i think i'll stick with that one. . .

what's the difference between a dentist and a masochist?
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