Wednesday, December 19, 2007

last night, rin's brother came in from hawai'i for the next 3 weeks. he's on leave before he heads off to iraq next year. my plan for the evening was do some grocery shopping, hang out with the family and send rin off with her parent's at 11:00 to go pick him up.

while waiting for the time to come, we watched christmas vacation (one of our traditions). rin's phone rang and her parents were on their way. i told rin that i'll leave the lights on for her and i'll see her in the morning. she asked me why i wasn't going to stay up and say hello to her brother and i told her that i was going to go to bed cause i'm tired. she asked to me to stay up and wait for her.

"if you get tired, just fall asleep on the couch and i'll wake you."

"no, i'll just stay up," came my reply.

so 11 o'clock came and she left. i turned on the news and ran a couple computer scans to kill time. a repeat of leno came on next and i was bored with it, so i turned to fuel tv and watched while pat o'connell surfed some breaks in south america. i turned the volume on the tv to low, grabbed my guitar and enjoyed the resonating sounds reverberating off the cedar and wild cherry woods. i created my own soundtrack to the eye candy that played before me.

soon, 12:45 am came and left. then playful lights broke through the illuminated christmas tree and danced on our ceiling. i put the dog outside so he wouldn't wake anybody up if he barked to someone knocking at the door (or putting keys in the locks).

rin came in and closed the door. "hello."

"hello. where's your brother?" i ask.

"i thought you would be asleep, so he didn't come in."

oh well, at least i got some guitar practice in. but now i'm nursing my coffee and rubbing my red eyes...


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