Tuesday, April 11, 2006

saturday was 'rin's birthday. she had a let's say, memorable beginning.

friday night, after we got home from bible study, i went to go put away b and h's jackets. i opened their door, and the room was a disaster. i told b and h that they needed to clean their room. it was getting late and the room was looking worse instead of better, so i told b that she needs to clean her room first thing in the morning.

since it was 'rin's birthday, we turned off the alarm and decided to try and sleep in a little, saturday morning. i woke up to laughing. the first thing that comes to mind in the morning is "why are they laughing?" i've had enough experience to know that they are being, let's say, mischievous.

so i get up and start looking for them. all the doors are closed, but the light is on in the bathroom. i crack the door and see a mound of bubbles rising out of the sink. i open the door more and take one step in and my foot hits something that makes me slide across the floor. i notice an empty bubble bath bottle sitting on the sink. it was a 5 dollar bottle from bath and body works that rin got.

i turn off the water (it is still flowing at full blast) and take h off the toilet. she likes to stand on the toilet cover so that she can reach the counter. her clothes are soaked. i have to strip her down and drop her clothes to the ground. "thunk". clothes shouldn't make a "thunk" sound. her clothes are drenched. b's clothes are the same. she strips as well and her clothes are carrying just as much of water as her sister's.

basically, what they did was finger paint all over the bathroom mirror with bubble bath, spread bubble bath all over the floor, h got it in her eyes (they were red for the majority of the day), bubble bath all over the counters and on the rug. h also used these crayola crayon soaps and wrote o's and p's on the counter and mirror.

needless to say, i had to clean up the mess they made while b and h cleaned their room. what a great beginning to the day. . .


Blogger Moi said...

hahahhaa! u sure have ur task cut out with them!!!!! :) :)

6:22 PM  
Blogger Killer Bunny said...

that's one of those times that your so upset but it's sooooo funny! did you have a hard time not laughing or did it take a while to be amusing to you?

i decided to put on lipstick and eye liner with crayola markers tonight. he drew on his arms too. looked like someone going to a KISS concert.

9:32 PM  
Blogger granati said...

it didn't become amusing until i started typing it this morning. did you take a pic of i?

9:44 PM  

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