Tuesday, April 04, 2006

we had a busy weekend. saturday, we went to the home and garden show at the spokane opera house and convention center. we were there for a couple of hours and left to go get our glasses. rin was excited about it. we got there and she got fitted for her's. when it was my turn, the glasses weren't there, so we went window shopping while the workers looked for my glasses. turns out that they weren't finished. so i get to go back when they arrive.

saturday was also rin's grandparents 9oth birthday celebration. about 20 people went out to eat for the bash. afterwards, we went back to rin's parents house and visted with the family. after everyone had left, we talked with jay. he got home from iraq and was showing us video of the life there. i specifically asked him what percentage of american soilders believed in what they were fighting. he said about 95%. and the iraqi's? the same.

sunday, we celebrated rin's, mom's, and grandma's birthdays as well. all the grandchildren played and screamed, so we left around 6 to go home. since it was spring forward weekend, we got that extra hour of daylight on sunday, so i sent the girls outside. i enjoyed that extra hour as well. it was a little chilly, but it was good to be outside. i got the house out and started doing some watering.

yesterday, we went out shopping. we are planning on putting in an irrigation system in the backyard, so i went to the home depot to price things. i never shop there, but i wanted to see how much they were.

i also got and gave rin an early bday present. i took her to go get her (well, i'll let her tell the story). . .


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