Thursday, September 08, 2005

i was just reminiscing about my childhood days during the summer. i don' t know why. but i got to thinking, "what was my most favorite outside activity in my neighborhood to do during the summer?" and "what was my most favorite outside toy?"

i think in answer to the first question, it would have to be foursquare. my sister and i played that so much with all the other kids. besides, of course: tag (the many variations we had: bike, freeze, midnight, lazer, and so on and so forth), hide and seek, baseball (with a raquet ball) and butts up.

the answer to the second question would be (and this is going way back) my big wheel. oh, yeah. remember those? they were so fun. i could get a great slide going on with my e-brake. but i was a kid, so anything was "great".

so, what was yours . . . . ?


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