Tuesday, July 17, 2012

last night, i was looking for some certain files and came across some shots that brought back memories. some were from a beach camping trip a few years back. oregon. seattle. california. india. cancun. cuba. singapore.
i love photography. there is a certain feel to it. there is a certain look to it. it invokes memories and feelings. like the scent of a bbq or the fragrance of a flower, photography is it's own catalyst for emotion.
seeing this shot from the boat quay on the singapore river near "clarke quay" brought me back to that moment in time:
a layover in singapore, a few hours before departing on an adventure with my wife, to meet up with her missionary family who live(d) in siliguri, west bengal, india. an 18 hour flight earlier landed us in singapore at 3 in the morning. a quick 5 hour nap and an early lunch led to some sight seeing. taxis and buses took us to the generally area, but our feet was our main transportation. being able to leave our luggage at the airport was a blessing, since we filled a huge suitcase chock full of "american luxuries" to her family: a stick vacuum, m&m's, cookies, chips, etc...
our arrival layover in singapore was during monsoon season; rain. rain. rain. and then, rain. since we didn't have much time to do anything but sleep, eat and sight see for a few hours before heading back to the airport, we made the best of our time with what we could do. a waterway boat ride on the singapore river to see the skyline of singapore and the merlion.
our layover hours quickly turned to minutes as we bade farewell and took off into the night. at least we had the return flight back to see more of singapore.


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