Monday, January 15, 2007

today, we celebrate dr. martin luther king, jr.

when i was in elementary school, i had to memorize the "i have a dream" speech given back in 1963 on those famous steps in front of lincoln. here i am, a kid (some still say i am), learning the words to such a powerful speech, but i didn't understand those words. i did the assignment because it was assigned to me. my class had to recite the speech, word for word, in front of our parents, brothers, sisters, friends and enemies.

when it was my turn to get up and talk, i stood there and spoke quietly and softly. such a difference from the way it was presented. it wasn't 'til i grew older and finally understood what dr. king's message was about.

when i was growing up, every mlkj day, i recited to myself the speech, not because i had to, but because i wanted to. can i do it now? no. but i do remember the speech as a whole and i will always remember.

thank you dr. king, thank you. . .


Blogger Moi said...

it's one of the most powerful and heart-rending speeches i ve ever heard ..........btw, wish u and ur family a great new year......:)

8:47 PM  

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