Wednesday, March 22, 2006

i finally got one of my junipers that i had from a couple years back. I've been waiting for spring to get here so i can start back up with my bonsai.

It was a very small tree, but it has grown quite a bit. It is 3 years old. It's ok though, since i'll be able to do more shaping of it and see more of it. i don't know what style i am going to do yet. maybe a cascade? i have an idea of a cascade with an upright. i have the image in my head, but let's see if i can actually shape it that way.

i have started a photo journal for my records on the trees for this year. for each tree, i will have:

species, date aquired, contact (how i aquired the tree), propagation and age. below will be a listing of what i want to do with the tree and notes on specific things. for every tree, there will be a page on it, so i can keep track on how old it is and if it was a store bought speicman, a cutting, a seed or a graft.

there are also going to be pictures of the tree when i first get them to changes that are done to them too. mainly, i want to do this to show progression of the tree.

I have my stock in the backyard now, so i have more photos to take and more entrys to write. But what will be nice is when i don't have to guesstimate on a tree. I do know where all of mine have come from, but down the road, i'll be wondering where, when, who and what.

i should be receiving my new stock here soon. it should be sent in the next week (i hope), so that will be more into the book as well.


Blogger Moi said...

good luck!
and i'm a total novice with camera, i have no add ons for it yet! the first time i held a digicam in hand was 5 months back!

3:42 PM  

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