Wednesday, January 18, 2006

we received our bill for sanitation, and our garbage charge doubled. so i called the department to find out why. they said that they just do the billing for the sanitation department, but they can transfer my call over to them. "sure", i said. "that would be great."

so i gave my info over to them as well. the lady on the other side said that she can't find any information regarding our account, but if i could give her my phone number, she could call back. ok.

i left for work and as soon as i drove into my parking spot, my cell rang. erin was on the phone. the department had just called and gave her the rundown of the bill. i already knew that we had some extra cardboard boxes, so that wasn't any shock to me. but apparently if the garbage man has to get out of his comfy, cozy truck, it costs me an extra $3.50, just for him to get out of the truck. oh, by the way, we are on automated trash pickup. after he gets out of the truck, if he has to close the lid, $1.50. for him to physically throw something into the truck, another $3.50.

so, you can rake up a pretty hefty bill if you aren't careful. when we were put onto the automated trash pickup, we were told that if it happens occassionally, then there won't be any charge, but if it is a chronic thing, then we would be charged another trash can.

yeah, i'm a little torqued about this. we have to pay extra for the garbage men to actually do their job? does that seem right?


Blogger Bill McCrory said...

No, it's not right, and you should write a letter to the mayor and city council complaining. Better yet, if Post Falls City Council meetings allow a period of public comment on any topic as CdA's does, go and complain in person, too. By the way, document the conversation you had with whomever told you only chronic offenders would be charged and occasional offenders will not.

11:31 AM  
Blogger granati said...

the conversation re: the chronic offenders happened back in the summer of 2005. i don't even remember with whom i talked with.

writing a letter is a good idea. i'll have to start working on that. thanks for the support. . .

1:14 PM  

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